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What are some good bar-b-que chicken recipes?

I want a recipe for smoking some bone in chicken breasts on a real Bar B Que pit, not a grill not in the oven. If you have a good sauce recipe give it too, but not a sweet sauce more of the thin vinegary dipping sauce.

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One Response to “What are some good bar-b-que chicken recipes?”

  1. Dune said :

    Chicken Pockets.
    Boneless breast of chicken
    Variety of sliced vegetables (i.e. potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, onions)
    1 ft. sheet of aluminium foil
    Step 1: Coat a 1 foot sheet of aluminium foil with olive oil.
    Step 2: Place breast of chicken at centre of foil.
    Step 3: Surround chicken with vegetables (add desired spices if desired).
    Step 4: Form an aluminium pocket by crimping edges and folding ends over to seal the pocket.
    Step 5: Place pocket on barbeque grill at medium to low heat for 30 minutes.
    Step 6: Remove from grill, opening pocket carefully to allow steam to escape.
    Step 7: May be eaten from pocket or served on dish.
    Alternatively they could be baked in the oven.


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