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Easy way to learn guitar besides the obvious teacher way?

okay…i got a guitar about a year ago i tried learning it and gave up and stuck with oboe and flute….help! i saw my guitarr today and i was like hmmmmm!!! i wanna learn it bad! soooo therefore i tried..the thing is…my teacher bailed on me the first few weeks and then i had to start teaching myself and gave up….so is there any easy way that i can learn guitar by myself?

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9 Responses to “Easy way to learn guitar besides the obvious teacher way?”

  1. TweetyBird said:

    There are a zillion great videos on YouTube for all levels of players. WAY better than a teacher too!!

  2. buffy6029 said:

    Online video lessons. They have online lessons for beginners on youtube and the like.
    Or you can try Find a song you like with easy chords and see if there’s an online lesson for it.

  3. Kab said:

    Go ahead and try the teacher-less ways. I think the best of these is books with CDs and DVDs.
    They have helped quite a few.
    Be ready to go find a teacher again. Not everyone is cut out for self teaching.
    Another possibility is class lessons. You frequently learn as much from other students as you do the teacher.
    Good Luck

  4. cabbage soup said:

    YOutube! It’s awesome!!

    That is if by teacher you were referring to a human being in front of you and in the same room.

    If you don’t want a teacher at all then that’s fine too. Lots of people learned that way including myself.
    I started learning when the internet wasn’t such a big thing and I just recorded songs I liked from the radio onto a cassette and after a few (hundred) stops and starts I had it down.

    In my humble opinion there is absolutely no ‘easy’ way. It’s hard to learn anything but if it’s you choosing the songs and the level of difficulty, as well as the time you want to spend without having to deal with anyone else’s goading or song choices or their patience or impatience or any of that kind of pressure then youtube is a good way to go.

    You can have as many teachers as you want and pay them nothing. You don’t have to cater to anyone but your own music choices from blues, to rock, to jazz, lead, solo or backup even classical. It’s great.

    Here are a few guys that i’ve subscribed to: (Chords) (Great teacher for advanced students) (surprisingly useful)

  5. Matt said:

    Yeah, I agree with everyone else. Youtube is a great, free way to learn guitar. There’s also it also has some good resources, so you should definitely check those out.

    Also remember, Guitar isn’t something you’ll pick up over night. In fact, it’d be pretty impressive to learn it in a few months, to be honest. I play several instruments and sing, and by no means was that easy to do. The first time I picked up an instrument, I put it back down almost immediately for who knows how long. Then I ended up picking it back up and got my stuff together. After practicing several hours a day, for a few years, I still have much to learn.

    In my resource box, there’s a review of a product that I’d actually recommend, if you’re alright with spending a few bucks to speed up your learning and make it more fun learning guitar.

    That being said, there’s plenty of FREE youtube resources that you can check out also. I highly recommend youtube, actually. Heck, I’d say it’s one of the greatest things on the internet. 🙂

  6. Mikey, just Mikey said:

    Get another teacher. I’m pretty sure there’s more than one of them in the world.

  7. Adam D said:

    Well, if you already have a musical background with the other instruments, it won’t be hard. It’s all about knowing your scales, which you may already know… so to translate that into guitar, you’ll just need to know the basics of that their is 12 notes on the guitar, and it essentially just has repeating octaves up and down the neck. Once you learn the patterns in your Major/Minor scale, it won’t be hard.

    From their, you should learn a chords. Start with the basics, E, A, Eminor, etc… but I would focus on learning the chords in the key of C.

    Now it’s just a matter of staying dedicated, and playing every day, and running through your lessons and practice regimen. Check out and just type in beginner guitar lessons. Their is tons of stuff for you to check out.

  8. mack said:

    Hello friend,

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  9. Blood Python Fanatic said:

    Guitar is one of the few instruments that is fairly easy to learn on your own. It will still take a lot of time and effort, but it is 100% doable.

    I recommend starting out with a book called “Alfred’s Basic Guitar Method 1”. Go through the book as far as you feel inclined to. Learn the string names, fingerings, etc, just to get a feel for the instrument. Your prior knowledge of music should help you a lot.

    Once you’re bored with that (which shouldn’t take too long), go to the back of the book, where you will see a chart with all the chords and how to play them. Do a Google search for music you like and figure it out using the chord chart.

    For example, if I were to Google “A Rush of Blood to the Head Coldplay chords” (one of my favorite songs), I would find this:


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