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how can i learn guitar by myself without going to any teacher, only by the help of my pc?

am trying to learn guitar by myself with the help of some e-books and sometimes friends help me. i have learnt 4 chords till now i.e – E-minor, D-major, A-major and G major, but i am confused what to do further as now am very dis-appointed with what i learnt till now. help me what should i do as i don’t wanna join any tuitions for it.

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3 Responses to “how can i learn guitar by myself without going to any teacher, only by the help of my pc?”

  1. Whatevzz said :

    marty schwartz on youtube

  2. Andre said :

    What I did was buy Jamorama (it’s an eBook), and then when I got stuck with that (the F Major chord and wrist pain) I joined It’s $20 a month but it’s awesome. Steve Elberg is probably the best beginner teacher. I’m guessing you are low on money though, which is a problem I also have (and why I’m not currently a member). You could use google/youtube, search for beginner guitar lessons. Depends on what you want to do too. If you are into fingerpicking/classical look for “carcassi studybook”, they are a series of great exercises. Look for scales. The easiest chords in my opinion (from memory) are E Major, E Minor, E 7th, A Major, A Minor, A 7th, D Major, D Minor, D 7th, B 7th, C Major, G Major and G 7th, with that you can play a lot of stuff. F Major is not too difficult and it’s a movable chord (meaning you can use the same shape to play other major chords by moving it higher up the neck).

  3. mirsad said :

    try CD ROM like Play Guitar v2.0 or instant Play Guitar Express they are inexpensive,and it is same like the teacher.That is how I learned to play guitar.


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