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Do you need a teacher to learn guitar?

Do you need a teacher to learn how to play the acoustic guitar or can you be self taught?

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8 Responses to “Do you need a teacher to learn guitar?”

  1. Boomer said:

    No, not just to play one, but you need to know the chord structures and it is easier if someone who plays can show you. Then you need to know the sharps, minors, etc. I play piano and am quite accomplished at it. I do not read music, but I don’t have to since I can play what I hear and compose my own. But, someone did show me what made up a chord and I learned the rest on my own. If you have the natural talent to play, you do not need a teacher, but it certainlly couldn’t hurt. Just think, there was a time when there wasn’t a guitar. The first to learn to play one didn’t have a teacher.

  2. G said:

    You can teach yourself any instrument with books and a decent ear. But if you can afford it, teacher’s provide structure and feedback to your progress so it helps.

  3. Kurt said:

    Need? Of course you don’t.

    Should? Absolutely.

    You NEED a teacher to learn how to sky dive, because if you do it wrong, you’ll never do anything ever again.

    Worst case scenario on a guitar is you mess up a chord or a note, big deal, keep at it.

  4. Average Mike said:

    Not a requirement but I’ve read that 9 out of 10 people who attempt to teach themselves, fail in the attempt.

    Very often – but not necessarily here – I get the feeling with questions like yours that what they’re asking is, “I don’t really want to have to work at it and learn to read music and stuff – I just want to learn guitar so is it okay to take the easy way?”

    It’s your choice. You can either learn the right way and become a musician or teach yourself and probably fail. I’d urge you to consider the first option.

    Good luck.

  5. ϐʅʋɛ ϐʀαήɗᴏή (TC) said:

    well, you don’t NEED a teacher. but a live teacher is always the best choice.

  6. John Leyo 1 said:

    Is not necessary 100%, but it helps a lot. You can teach yourself how to play this only if you are a natural player, who plays by heart. Y’know what I mean, not a robotic player. Of course, you’ll need to develop some mechanics soon also, but we’re talking about the foundation here. So I’ll give you a piece of advice, that’s how I did! You can find some beginner courses online, maybe short lesson, even browse YouTube, it’s full of them. If you know the basics, you’re gonna understand the advanced things much easier.
    I took lessons from online courses and instructional DVDs at first, then I’ve got a private teacher, more for music theory, and all that stuff. But what I know now, is that I can learn a lot more faster now, thanks to the DVDs I learned. I also wanted to teach myself, and I did better! I learned some stuff by teaching myself things also, in the meantime! I never failed any of these, so… I don’t see any ways why you should fail in your guitar playing! Keep it up, and practice as much as you can!

  7. Thunder Storm said:

    I am currently self-taught, and it works fine with me. When I become more advanced than now, I may choose lessons. What is important to remember is to do whatever works best for you. If your just starting, get a beginner book, and see if you are advancing how you want to be. If not, go ahead and try lessons.

    For inspiration, Jimi Hendrix was self-taught, and he did not take lessons.

  8. Delaney said:

    Get the learn and master guitar DVD course and you will have a video teacher 24/7. Its better than struggling on you own and your less likely to give up if you have a professional showing you what to do.

    Read the learn and master guitar intense review here:


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