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First time cooking Christmas dinner?

I’m cooking Christmas dinner this year for the first time and need a good ham recipe without using a roasting pan.

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4 Responses to “First time cooking Christmas dinner?”

  1. telfer001 said :

    i cooked xmas dinner for the 1st time last year,the best way i know is to boil it with rosemary and oranges is define

    good luck

  2. Renee C said :

    If you have a baking pan (like a brownie pan or lasagna pan), you can “fake” a broiler pan. Take about 5 pieces of foil and twist them into “logs”. Lay them on the pan next to each other. Then put the ham on top of the “logs”. I’ve done this before and it works just fine. The object is to get the ham off the bottom of the pan so that it doesn’t soak in the juices. Good luck!

  3. momof1qt said :

    Free up oven space for other things and use your crockpot. I place the ham in the crockpot, poke holes in it and pour the juice from a can of pineapple and let it slow cook in the juice. Doesn’t take long as all you have to do is let it heat through on low, for about 5-6 hours AT MOST! I love this because I can then use my oven for potatoes, rolls and other dishes! Good luck!

  4. sweetnsassy said :

    The first year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner was because my now ex-husband had to work, so we couldn’t go home. I smoked my ham on the smoker and Jason said it was the best ham he had eaten in a long time.


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