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What is the most outrageous thing you done when cooking the dinner at Christmas?

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10 Responses to “What is the most outrageous thing you done when cooking the dinner at Christmas?”

  1. Juicy Lucy (i know -original!) said :

    burned it!

  2. Stelly said :

    The only Christmas cooking disaster I can think of was when my yellow lab ate 4 dozen spritzer cookies off the counter. Naughty boy!

  3. Kiimm said :

    I dropped all the roast potatoes on the floor but i just picked them up and served them and once i rderd take out without them knowing.

  4. Sacha (Violated) said :

    Got drunk.

  5. Mysterious Rose said :

    Forgot to light the gas oven to cook the turkey and the dinner ended up a few hours late.

  6. Miiss Cherry said :

    id been in hospital 2 weeks before xmas with pneumonia and was given
    morphine tablets to take at home for the pain , so xmas morn i woke with a headache and took 2 panadol
    phew then 1/2 hour later i was all over the place , i couldn’t talk properly ,couldn’t walk properly and then i couldn’t keep my eyes
    open, when i checked the packet ide taken to of the morphine tablets
    i slept all day and every one had to fend for themselves
    never again lol
    x x x

  7. Bound 4 Hell said :

    Kicked a door because someone threw the christmas stuffing mix away,
    and now we couldn’t get anymore, it being christmas day at all.

  8. Quizard said :

    Thankfully, I’ve never had a Christmas dinner disaster.

    Last year my mum made bread sauce and misread the instuctions, she added too much milk and it was more like semolina.

  9. welly boots said :

    the first time i ever cooked a turkey i didn’t clean it out properly and the smell was yukky.

  10. Janet said :

    Spilled all over…


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