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i have 4 casseroles to cook for Christmas dinner. 3 of them call for cooking at 350 degrees.?

The last calls for 375 degrees. Is it possible to cook it at 350 as well, just for a longer time? If so, how much longer should I cook it?

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9 Responses to “i have 4 casseroles to cook for Christmas dinner. 3 of them call for cooking at 350 degrees.?”

  1. Marj said :

    yes, I would say about another 15 minutes…Have a great holiday, sounds like you are going to have a full house!

  2. kgirl said :

    you will be fine cooking it for a longer time. Just try leaving it longer for about 15 min..then see how it looks..take it from there is you need to do it longer. The other ones might need a bit more time anyways if you are cooking all of them at once. make sure you rotate some of the opans to equal out the heat.

  3. ex dirty stripper said :

    By the time you get to the last one it won’t matter, Honey!

  4. maddie_my_angel said :

    It would be fine! And nobody knows the exact time, so just keep it in there till it looks ready!

  5. Dennis Fargo said :

    Don’t worry about it a bit.
    It is cooking not rocket science.
    If you do want to make rocket science out of it then here goes.
    There is a 25 degree difference and the base is 350.
    So add 4 minutes 18 seconds for every hour it is supposed to be in the oven.

  6. chefgrille said :

    You could either put the 375 one in first and then the rest after a half hour or so, or leave the 375 one in for longer. And with 4 casseroles in the oven, they’ll take longer than the recipe time anyway. If in doubt, you can cover them in foil to prevent browning, and use a meat thermometer to check for temp and when to take off the foil for browning.

    Merry Christmas and happy cooking!

  7. bebe said :

    Yes, you can cook it at 350 as well, just add 12-15 minutes to your cook time, and if it looks like it needs longer then check it at 5 minute intervals.

  8. Star said :

    Since ovens vary, and your recipes vary and you will be cooking them altogether, most likely they will all be done right around the same time.
    Unless it is something that contains a raw substance that could be dangerous if undercooked, go for it!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. moloman09b said :
  10. antonmpopovm said :


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