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What are you or your family (cooking) for Christmas dinner?

Just curious what everyone else eats on Christmas day for dinner. I’m thinking of a ham.

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4 Responses to “What are you or your family (cooking) for Christmas dinner?”

  1. Jay Beans said :

    For some reason we stopped the traditional Christmas dinner of Ham and the usual suspects, like a repeat of Thanksgiving. Now we do “casseroles” or really anything you can fit into a casserole style dish, cobblers, cakes, enchiladas. It lightens the mood and is like a big party instead of a traditional route. Plus it is always fun to see who brings the most creative casserole. 🙂

  2. Jessica said :

    we have ham but every christmas eve our family does a seafood dinner because we are half italian. on christmas we usually do like a turkey, pasta, and stuff like that. the christmas eve dinner is usually the more extravagant one for us for some reason.

  3. yankeefan28 said :

    Ham is normal, I used to have a turkey and a ham. Now we changed which family hosts christmas and they did appetizers and filet and other things

  4. wicked witch of east said :

    potatoe this time


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