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So who else has given up, or is trying to give up, smoking?

I started smoking on and off when I was 15. When I was 19, I started smoking a lot more. This past February, right before I turned 25, I had my last cigarette. My method of quitting was to toss my pack in the trash can and walk away. No gum, no programs, nothing. I just quit.
How did you do it, or how are you trying? I’d like to hear your stories.

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9 Responses to “So who else has given up, or is trying to give up, smoking?”

  1. Trek5000rider said :

    I quit the same way you did. It has been 7 years now. Praise the Lord!

  2. Lauren said :

    if others ask how u stoped tell them “their was no trick just common sense”

  3. malone1423 said :

    i’ve been smoking for 12 years and never tried to quit until now I’m not to sure how i’m gonna do it but i will

  4. Leaf said :

    I quit like that after 4 years of smoking. I saw 2 lungs in a biology lab, one a smoker’s… one a non smoker’s.

    I stopped that day, 10 years ago, and didn’t start again til 4 days ago. I’ve had 5 cigarettes since and I’m thinking about buying a pack.

    I’ve also given up drinking recently, and I think the two are related.

  5. troubled said :

    every time u go to bed put a lighter and a pack of cigs next to ur bed and dont touch it and if u at work and some1 smocking ask if they can blow smoke in your face or stand near them eventually ull stop that helped me.. hope this helps 😉

  6. honey said :

    I have now given up for 2 years and don’t even crave. No chewys or patches. i found the best way to stop is when you have the flu or a very bad hang over. The time that you least feel like smoking, put it off and don’t have one.If you can get it out of your system for a week it becomes a lot easier after that. Avoid the social scene for a while or when you are more likely to light up.You have to be strong minded and really want to do it. Your health will be so much better.Good luck and be strong!!

  7. seahorse said :

    hi, i started smoking when i was 13. i thought it was cool for some stupid reason. i tried to stop a few times in my early twenties using patches, and managed to stop for 5 months and then we had a death in the family and i started again. i thought i could just have 1 but it just doesnt work like that. then 2 years ago, aged 26, when i was pregnant with my 3rd child i gave up. no patches or aids, i just stopped. i cried for about 2 days because it was so hard but i persevered and never smoked again. well done. i know how hard it is! and doesnt everything taste so good when you give up?!

  8. OneOfTheGoodOnes said :

    I left a huge ash tray of spent cigarettes on my table. After a week or so the stench made me sick. Will power is great but aversion therapy is probably better than anything else.

  9. Casey said :

    My friends claim that Nicoture was what worked best for them. But congrats for giving up cold turkey, that’s not easy to do, you must have great will power.


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