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I wanna give up alcohol and smoking, help?

Help, i cannot control it. i like to drink but if i drink i need smoke. so how can i stop alcohol ? i have a some side effect of kidneys due to alcohol.

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3 Responses to “I wanna give up alcohol and smoking, help?”

  1. appukutty said :

    the bad habits when ever u get thought to have divert ur mind something u like most.easily Can quiet .definitely.u will get all sort of disease’s and ur future life spoil.slowly u can avoid.

  2. Rooky_boy said :

    Hey mate:

    When it comes to addiction or bad habits, if you may, you cannot suddenly get rid of it. That is not recommended and is not practical; because at some point in time when you are pressured or stressed, you’ll find yourself indulging in that same bad habit again. In other words, it has to be a gradual process. However, if you are a strong minded and very determined, in that case, a sudden avoidance of such activities will work.

    As for the moving on part, even if you manage to stay committed, you’ll still need a new set of habits to counter the bad and old ones. For instance, you might join a running club, painting class, photography, or even volunteering, which is my least favorite. While volunteering, you sometimes find cases and instances that will call on your old bad habits. It is best to do something that is highly outdoor and something that you’ve always wanted to do. That new habit is your gateway to diverge away from the smoking and drinking. I wish ye the best of luck, mate. If anything, simply post another question.

  3. mama mia said :

    go to AA meetings.. dont put yourself in situations that would cause you to drink


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