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How can I bake white bread ?

Homemade bread is easy to make. With simple ingredients like flour, yeast, sugar and salt, you can offer your family hot and fresh white bread every day. If this is your first-time to make a loaf of white bread, don’t fret. Just follow the steps below:

1) Buy the ingredients – Make sure you complete your ingredients before baking. These include white flour, vegetable oil, milk or soymilk, sugar, kosher or sea salt, yeast, mixer and a 5×8 loaf pan.

2) Whether you use milk or soymilk, make sure to heat 1 1/3 cup in the microwave until it reaches above 94 degrees. Add 2 tsp of dried yeast, 2 tsp sugar and half a cup of flour. Mix the ingredients and allow to stand for about 20 minutes until it becomes frothy.

3) Pour the mixture into the mixer’s bowl and add 3 ½ cups of flour. Use the dough hook to mix the ingredients, setting the mixer to its slowest speed, for up to 10 minutes. Add a teaspoon of salt while mixing.

4) The dough should have a silky texture. Work the dough into a ball by using your hands. Grease the mixer’s bowl, add ¼ cup flour and place the dough into the bowl, leaving it sitting in a warm spot for 60 to 75 minutes.

5) Flatten the dough into a rectangular shape, so it could fit in the oiled loaf pan. Press the dough firmly into the pan and let it sit again for another 60 minutes. After slicing the dough a quarter-inch deep, place it in an over with 350 degrees and bake it for 45 minutes. You can see if the bread is ready when it turns golden brown and sound hollow when thumped.

You can always create your own white loaf bread by experimenting on your ingredients. You can substitute water instead of milk, if a family member is lactose intolerant, or use honey instead of sugar to avoid extra calories.

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