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How did Jimi Hendrix learn the guitar like that?

I heard that he learned guitar by ear and getting tips from other guitarists.but how did he learn all those blues licks and scales and chords from just learning by ear?How do you think?

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13 Responses to “How did Jimi Hendrix learn the guitar like that?”

  1. adams_caster said :

    Guitar Hero

  2. Steve R said :

    He was self taught from a very early age

  3. Gypsy Queen said :

    He taught himself and practiced through trial and error…he had talent.

  4. I pity the fool ! said :

    cos the guy was born gifted,
    with an ear for chords and exceptional innovative skills for expanding his repertoire, he was always trying to get more sounds, and so in the process, discovered and developed amazing stuff

    legends are not born everyday

    he is a legend

  5. Tom said :

    mind altering drugs played a roll, years of playing with and for other musicans, just stating the facts for you rookies that don’t know anything about mind altering drugs and it’s effect on your guitar work

  6. Melting Media EAC said :

    Practice, practice, practice. Billy Cox, who was bassist in Band of Gypsies, served in the Army with Jimi, where they met. Billy says Jimi was playing guitar every spare moment he had. And some very strange sounds were coming from the barracks even then. Hendrix also practiced scales like a maniac.

    He was heavily influenced by the stinging sounds of Albert Collins and the chords of Gatemouth Brown. After seeing them perform together in a club, Hendrix used many of their stage antics (behind the neck, playing with teeth). Hendrix also learned a lot as a sideman before being drafted. For instance, Little Richard’s flamboyance was duly noted when Jimi was Richard’s guitarist.

  7. big al said :

    he practised what he thought was right.
    as well as naturally being good at guitar

  8. livetoride said :

    lots of practice and drugs

  9. mighty_whitey said :

    His favorite guitarist was Buddy Guy. He saw him every chance he got, even to the point of blowing off his own gigs if Buddy was playing in town. Guy was playing what we think of as “Hendrix style” licks in the 1950s, and Jimi was an apt student.
    Then of course there’s practice, practice, practice!

  10. T-man T said :

    he taught himself

  11. duncan b said :

    He learned a lot from blues guitarists Guitar Slim and Buddy Guy and also Johnny Jenkins, a guitarist who worked with Otis Redding in the early 1960s.

  12. moon_turn_the_tides said :

    People.Being around various music scenes.
    He left home when he was seventeen and toured all around the states and even into Canada for 6+ years…Just imagine all those different perspectives on guitar…
    Oh yeah his synesthesia was also part of it!

  13. Mule! said :

    Not only was he in the right place at the right time, but had talent and creativeness that came through in his guitar playing.

    Yes he was influenced, but you can’t say that there was anyone making sounds like him, he was a genius. But a genius that loved to party.


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