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How/Where do I learn guitar scales?

Hi. I fool around on the guitar and stuff, I never received any lessons before, the only way I got to play was I figured out how to read tabs. What I want to know is how do I play scales on the guitar? Does it help to learn them?

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4 Responses to “How/Where do I learn guitar scales?”

  1. Sold My Soul For Rock & Roll said:

    Oh yeah. Here’s a online guitar scale listing in G Major:

    Very useful.

    Without getting too much into theory, check the G chord against that scale. The fact that it matches is not an accident. So for example, if you more that to ‘A’, it would match the same Major chord. You can spend a good amount of time noodling around such root notes.

  2. Nikki said:

    You could try looking around at websites or buy a book that teaches you that kind of stuff. I used to play the piano, and mainly learned through a book.

  3. Foxy said:

    You pinch your nose five times, then you say “scales” four times, you eat three cherry pies, followed by two glasses of vanilla milk, turn around once and magically you will be able to play all scales and arpeggios!

    And yes, it helps to learn them!

  4. DannyGuitar boi said:

    builds your speed, accuracy and strength. and helps you to make up riffs or solos. yes i recommend playing them, helps alot. im currently learning them.
    and where to learn them.. i get tought by my teacher so you should find one who knows every scale so you know which scales suit you for rock, jazz, blues, metal etc. 🙂


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