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What is the fastest way to learn scales on the guitar? Is there anyplace with an explanation for scales?

I just started learning guitar on a more than casual basis.
I just started learning guitar on a more than casual basis. I can play by ear but I realize that I am cheating myself out of an education. I need an explanation for the why do scales work and how they fit together.
I understand learning scales are fundamental to everything else but what I don’t understand is why? Why do they work together. Math behind it? Etc. I could quite possibly mind numbingly memorize them but that wouldn’t mean that I had a full understanding of it.
I actually play keyboard by ear also and I have memorized the layout already. I have tried books and they all start out with crappy excercises involving ode to joy and auld lang syne.

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2 Responses to “What is the fastest way to learn scales on the guitar? Is there anyplace with an explanation for scales?”

  1. bettyboop said :


    The strings on the guitar are JUST like piano keys.
    Since the strings are E, A, D, G, B, and E—the first string open, on the top is low E. The first space on the guitar is F, the next F#, the next G, and then, G#—that’s 4 spaces. THEN, you go to A., the next string. Play first space -A#, then next B, then C. (there is no B#). Go to the D string –the first space is D#, then next, E, then F (there is no E#), then F#. The next string is G. Count open-G, G#, A, A#. Next string–B–Count –open -B, Ist space–C, then C#, then D, then D#. Next open –E.
    Then-Ist space -F, the next F#, the next, G, then- G#, then A.

    Knowing anything about piano can help you to play ANY instrument YOU CHOOSE!!!

    It takes literally 6 months, AT LEAST, to get your scales going. Let me tell you, I picked up guitar in ’78, and learned by chords, instead of notes, which is learned from scales, which I did not do. I could play well enough, but later, I got a really great guitar teacher who pushed those scales on me.. I was sooooo glad, because I started learning Spanish music, which is AWESOME!! THE MAIN THING IS TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR GUITAR! FIND SOME PEOPLE WHO PLAY AND LEARN FROM THEM,.. Good Luck, and DON’T put that guitar down,…go through the sore fingers and the whole bit,.you will be sooo glad you did!!!

    I even ended up playing the fiddle–you want to talk about FUN!!!

  2. norcalpal said :

    Dude no ther is no fast way to learn scales and if there is the only way to make it stick in your head i repitition, practice,practice practicemakes pefect onr in the case of scales smooth
    Scales and the abiklity to read and write music are probaly the most valuable tools a guitarist can posses
    it may seem really stupid and very hard to learn these basic fundamentals of music right now but belive me you will thank whatever forces kept you learning this stuff later in life when you have a huge advantage over musicians that can only hear there creativity. You’ll be able to play what you think of or hear fluently. good luck and keep rippin up those scales.


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