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How do I go about organizing and cooking a warm fresh Thanksgiving Dinner?

How do I go about this? The first and last thanksgiving dinner was a horrible mess! Sorry not brought up as a cook but im self teaching myself and I love to cook but anyways I had only one oven to cook things in, and by the time the turkey was done all the food was cold and not fresh and things slowly came out one after the other. This Thanksgiving dinner I would love to have things all hot and fresh and ready all at the same time.. Is that possible? please help!

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3 Responses to “How do I go about organizing and cooking a warm fresh Thanksgiving Dinner?”

  1. Kristen said :

    Sit down in advance and plan your menu. Figure out exactly how long each thing takes and where it needs to be cooked (oven, stove, microwave). Make your desserts and rolls the day before. Can some of your dishes be warmed up in the microwave? Gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetables and dressing can be made on the stove. If you keep to your schedule, you should be able to get everything to the table warm. It just takes a lot of organization. Good luck!

  2. awommack said :

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  3. KimShawty said :

    Two Weeks Before Thanksgiving:

    Plan & Prepare in Thanksgiving Dinner in Advance.


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