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How is green tea good for your health? Why is green tea so popular?

I got a bottle of lipton green tea with citrus out of a machine today. It tasted ok eventhough i don’t like tea.

Why are people so crazy about Green tea?

(no long cut and paste answers please)

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5 Responses to “How is green tea good for your health? Why is green tea so popular?”

  1. Kshults said :’s healthy for you for several reasons, one of them that comes to mind is the egcg in it that is good for your metabolism, other than that, i also think it tastes good [though i hate the lipton citrus kind]

  2. Robinho_ said :

    Its all trends and fads, Celebrities and health instructors do it and people follow suit.

    Its not much better than normal water with a few leaves in it.

  3. chad c said :

    green tea contains flavanoids which are proven to help prevent cancer. it has a flouride-like property which strengthens tooth enamel. when it’s mixed with that much sugar (lipton green tea with citrus) it counterbalances the benefits.

  4. satsuki said :

    Green tea is high in vitamin c, therefore good as anti-oxydan, good for protecting ourselves from harmful substantives such as cigarette smoke, vehicle wastes, etc. People is probably following trend, maybe some of them really know the tea’s benefit of health, etc.

  5. AJay said :



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