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Lipton bottled green tea as good as green tea from a tea bag?

Basically I just wanna know if the green tea in the bottle is just as good for you as making the green tea yourself at home? I am just thinking of news ways to try and trim a few pounds before going to Vegas this June. Any tips or advice would be great!

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4 Responses to “Lipton bottled green tea as good as green tea from a tea bag?”

  1. V,m said :

    lipton green tea has extracted green tea and a bunch of added suger and other added flavors, green tea bags are just herbs you boil in water with a lot of antioxidants
    i usualy drink the lipton, and i’ll roll up green tea herb joints and smoke them

  2. Kat said :

    Bottled Lipton Green Tea has 21 grams of sugar in it. Therefore, it is composed mainly of corn syrup. Drinking liquid sugar is definitely counter productive towards a diet and exercise program.

    I suggest spending 2 dollars at Wal-mart and buying actual green tea. In teabags. Or running a little.

  3. supastr_inc said :

    Fuck no.
    Lipton adds so much damn sugar to their products. and if anything, it’s not green tea. it’s green tea extract in a bottle of watered down sugar.
    but if you’re heart set on drinking from a Lipton green tea bottle, just have a green tea instead of a coke or something, then take the bottle home, make straight green tea, chill it and add in a bit of lemon juice or what ever.
    Personally, i like hot green tea with cinnamon and pepper.

  4. Judy said :

    There is growing trend for the green products. But you have to be cautious with green tea campaigns. Some of these are out and out scams. I promote green living and i can tell you , it is very healthy.


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