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I know that Green Tea is extremely good for your mind and body. But does Green Tea cause acidity?

I know that Green Tea has innumerable health benefits and is extremely good for you but is Green Tea acidic or alkaline? And is Green Tea good for helping people with indigestion? I like to fast frequently (for about 24 hours) and drink Green Tea during the fast but I don’t want to make my body too acidic if I drink a lot of it.

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5 Responses to “I know that Green Tea is extremely good for your mind and body. But does Green Tea cause acidity?”

  1. Jennifer A said :

    I can only speak from experience. It upsets my digestive system and hurts my bladder, especially if I drink it on an empty stomach.

  2. papyrusbtl said :

    Green Tea can also give you hallucinations

  3. *ich_liebe_dich* said :

    Well… Green tea is acidic but its not so much as say… coffee…Um green tea is not good for indigestion but it is good for your skin and it helps calm your nerves… You cant really make ur body acidic you can have heart burn but tea wont cause heartburn

  4. fibersurefan1 said :

    There probably is no healthier drink on the planet than green tea.

    In my case, however, I am not able to drink it without consequences because I have GERD, and green tea can give me a nice case of heartburn or reflux because of the tannins it contains.

    With regards to using green tea during fasting, I wouldn’t worry about it too much because as I said, it’s about the best thing you can drink for the health of your body.

    The only suggestion I do have, however, would be to not just drink green tea when you fast, drink water and juice also.

  5. JAN said :

    I have never had any problem with plain green tea. I have always thought it calming for the stomach.


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