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How long did it take you to learn to play guitar?

I Got a rad accoustic electric guitar today from my grandpa as a hanukah gift. im confused by the chord chart im wicked blonde. i was curious of how long it took others to learn guitar so i can get an estimate fer how long itll take me.
Fun poll: whats your favorite song to play 0.o

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4 Responses to “How long did it take you to learn to play guitar?”

  1. Soul said :

    it depends on how good you are at other musical instruments (if any) for me it took about a month per key and that was if i practiced twice a week.

    i like playing any Japanese songs or Christmas songs on the piano and violin.

  2. Sal Chaech said :

    Well, kid, happy Hanukkah and stuff… You totally don’t want to hear the truth I’m about to lay down on you.

    It takes years of practice to get any good at it. You can shave that down to maybe a year or so if you get lessons, because it’s usually easier if someone’s telling you how to do it.

    I taught myself, and it was years before I considered myself to be any good. Now I think I’m good (because after a while you have to listen to people’s opinions) but I still don’t think I’m as good as I want to be. And that’s how you have to look at it, always with a goal in mind.

    If you stick with it, and practice a lot, it doesn’t matter how blonde you are, it can be done.

    And just for fun, my favorite song to play is from Super Mario Bros, level 1-2 when you’re underground. Making coin sounds in between, too. I’m a nerd like that.

  3. Avery Z said :

    Anyone can play guitar when they first pick it up, though you might not be able to play it well. Every guitar player learns to play more every day, it just depends how devoted you are to get to a level you consider good. I wake up at 5 or 6 every day and practice for usually about 5 hours, just because I always see room for improvement. Every day I find a new technique or a new riff or something. Its not like you learn how to play and then you’re just at that level forever. If you wanna be Johnny Ramone, learn the power chord and hit it really fast lol. If you wanna be Steve Vai, play for about a year and see what happens. Anyone who says its hard thinks they’re more important than they really are.

  4. Graham said :

    Well . . . for me, I started 40 years ago when I was 13 and I have been learning ever since 🙂

    I was fortunate, I played piano from the age of 6 and so had a very good musical grasp. My piano teacher always said that the piano was the hardest instrument to play and once I had mastered that, I would be ble to play anything. She was right. I have since tried playing many instruments . .keyboard, string, wind and I have found them all manageable.

    So, I guess it depends on where you are starting from. Assuming you have no musical ‘background’ then it is all down to a few basics: 1) Whether or not you have a natural ‘aptitude’ for the guitar. 2) how much practice you put in (when I started, I was obsessed and so probably practiced for 2 – 4 hours each day and more at weekends). 3) What type of guitar you have. . . .some guitars are more ‘stressful’ on the fingers than others; This is what is called the ‘action’ which means, how easy it is to press the strings to the fretboard.

    The tips of your fingers wil very quickly become sore. You have to push on through this, although it will be a little uncomfortable at first but then, the skin at your fingertips will harden and you will not feel any pain or discomfort at all.

    The chord charts refer to the finger positions on each string and I have included a link which you might find helpful as it will take you to some applications that may help you.

    As far as ‘playing’ is concerned, it depends on what you call ‘playing’.

    There are chords or just picking out single notes. You might find it easier to start by just playing single notes and making up or recalling simple tunes. Maybe Christmas tunes . . . .

    For chords, start with just G, C, E, D at first and repeat them. There are not too many songs or tunes that do NOT use just 3 of those chords. Next work your way up to D, F, A, E minor and A minor.

    Also, when you make a mistake KEEP GOING. Do NOT stop every time you have a problem otherwise you will never learn.

    The site I told you aout is


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