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Is 17 too late to learn to play guitar and take vocal lessons?

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14 Responses to “Is 17 too late to learn to play guitar and take vocal lessons?”

  1. Luke789 said :

    no way dude, you have like what? 70 years in front of you???

  2. iLikeChocolate said :

    I think 25+ is old for that
    If your a guy its a good thing because your voice has already broke
    Good Luck!

  3. krumbelow said :

    No it’s never too late, you pick up things easier when your younger but you’re never too old. Give it a go you’ll enjoy it!

  4. Luke said :

    No. especially if you really apply yourself to it…a lot of people might start younger but be very lazy and not practice that much.

  5. Destroyer of Dumbasses said :

    No. Go for it.

  6. Son of Bear said :

    dude… NO WAY! its never too late to start any dream. just work your ass off for it. I started singing when i was 18 and now im 21 and doing really great with it, also i picked up guitar just over a year ago, but because of my commitment to it and regular practice hours i’ve made great leaps and bounds, i’ve really come very far. im even already soloing and i’ve learned all kinds of great techniques. like i said you have to really want it.

  7. vanderbeek said :

    OF COURSE NOT! You can never be too old to learn anything musical! Just remember, it may be hard at times, but if it’s something you love to do then DON’T give up!!!

  8. Doug J said :

    Nope, I think that is the right time.

  9. Daydreamer said :

    No. It’s never too late to learn anything. As long as it’s something your really interested in, you should be able to learn.

  10. Lauren A said :

    most defiantly not.

  11. jewelsnglow said :

    No not at all! If you’re willing to work hard you have a promising future. You are never to old to try.

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  12. Dmelodies said :

    You are never too old to start singing; I’ve only recently started to pursue it a few years ago, when i was 17. 🙂

    Like everyone says, go for it!

  13. cockney_rebel79 said :

    It’s NEVER too late to take singin’ and guitar lessons, me old son! In fact, at YOUR age, this is problem the BEST time to start, ‘cos you ain’t too young to take it all in, yet, yer still young enough, that yer mind’s gonna be fresh, ‘cos the older ya get, the harder it is to learn new things! Yer in yer bloody prime, my son- go for it! I wish you all the luck in the world, old boy! Peace and love! Be lucky! 🙂

  14. Oli said :

    I agree, never too late. I started playing the saxophone in my fifties and taking jazz singing classes in my late fifties.


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