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i have long nails but want to learn to play guitar?

i really dont want to cut my nails, though. but i also want to play guitar, so can i play with long nails?
im not talking about the picking,(most people just tell me oh you use a pick, they forget it involves pressing down the strings.
i just want to know if i could do it

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2 Responses to “i have long nails but want to learn to play guitar?”

  1. escalators.colder.than.a.cell said :

    it depends on what songs you want to play, you could play a lot of bar chords, and change around the tuning so that you cna play everyhting in bar chords. it would relaly be better if you jsut cut your nails though.

  2. Roy W said :

    I cut my left nails short to make properly formed fretting. I keep the right ones long to pluck and strum with.

    If you really want to learn to play the guitar, then at least the left nails should be sacrificed. They will just get in the way and break, anyway.


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