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How long does it take to learn Guitar?

I used to take guitar lessons but my teacher never showed up. Is there any special program someone used to learn guitar, like a Cd or online?
And how long does it take to master the guitar? I really want to learn, but i want something fast, easy, and non-exspenisve.

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5 Responses to “How long does it take to learn Guitar?”

  1. TarHeel 22 said :

    Its gonna take a long time. There will even be times when you think you suck. I personally just learned to teach myself. I even found videos on youtube that helped me get started. You should not have to pay anything.

  2. Richie P said :

    It takes quite a while to master guitar, years upon years, but you don’t need much experience to make good music. Go on google and look up tabs to early 80s, late 70s punk songs, since they are generally very easy to play but rock ass. If I were to recommend a band to concentrate on, no doubt it would be The Misfits. There are no fancy solos, fancy chords or changes, none of that. I learned by playing Misfits songs, and now I ain’t too bad only 2 months down the road. The first song I learned to play was Some Kinda Hate by The Misfits. I learned it 2 days after I picked up a guitar for the first time. Unless you want to do really crazy stuff, don’t bother with lessons, just practice on your own, screw around for hours at a time, and have fun.

  3. Dean M said :

    it depends on what you define “learn”. i have learned guitar in about 6 months, but there is still alot i cant do. i did take some lessons, but i didnt learn much there. there is currently a dvd out there for learning rock/metal. its from guitar world. i recommend you take a look at it. its hard to give someone a time period on how long it will take to learn, everyone is different

  4. Jaxon F said :

    There are a few places to learn guitar online, you could go down the free route by learning tabs but this can be tricky if you are a begginer. We have some online guitar courses that should get your started though

  5. danny said :

    it takes a while to get it down it really depends on yourself everybody’s different just practice 6 hours a day thats what i do and ive gotten amazingly good and always have patiance


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