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How can i learn to play classic guitar?

well i am planing on learning how to play guitar but unfortunately i cant afford a private teacher so is there any other ways to learn?
i would appreciate it if you give me some tips on how to start because i know nothing about chords and tabs and all that and i never played and instrument before.
thank you

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8 Responses to “How can i learn to play classic guitar?”

  1. Kab said :

    What ever you decide, get some instruction from a live person paid or free, but where they can see and hear your progress. That is the only way that mistakes are going to be caught early before they become serious or discouraging problems. The use of web sites is a bonus, but not the way improve your skills and definitely not the way to begin..
    I have said it many times.
    A person who teaches themselves to fly an airplane will most likely die. A person who teaches their self how to play an instrument is going to make many mistakes.

  2. nevins manafe said :

    go to,
    learn from the videos over there man,
    is so free…

    and you can watch this one for inspirational classic guitar,

  3. thunderjolt123 said :

    Buy a book:

    Really, if you can’t afford lessons, buy a book, internet isn’t that great.

  4. ♪♥☺Ntc_girl101☺♥♪ said :

    Well, just get a tutor for your guitar lessons only for those musical notes since there really aren’t any sites that can teach you for the notes but when it comes to letter likes A, B# and etc.. there are lots of sites: and for sites if you need chords for a song: and

    Hope i helped and Good luck!

    P.S. You need to get a guitar to practice.

  5. poopmaster5000 said :

    theres a book by Frederick noad… check that out…also pick up any music fundamentals book you can find- in classical guitar its not enough to know how to play you have to know the language of music after you have all the fundamentals you can get into some music theory. But without an instructoryou are going to run into some serious issues occasionally when i started i picked up a job to pay for a good teacher who had a thorough education… at school or whatever go to music students and teachers and ask away.

  6. divahorne said :

    Some music studios offer group lessons so try that. If you live in a town with a college or university check to see if there are some guitar majors who will tutor you. Don’t try to teach yourself. There are body and hand positions that won’t make sense to you if you learn from a book. You won’t learn tabs at all and it will be a while before you learn chords. But from my experience classical is the best foundation for any type of music. After all you need to learn the rules in order to break them.

  7. manthebraces said :

    HIRE A TEACHER… I don’t know why you people think you can just pick up a guitar and magically learn how to play it. A CLASSICAL guitar (YOUR WORDS) is all about TECHNIQUE and you won’t learn that FOR FREE off the internet… it TAKES A TEACHER and there is a lot more to playing a CLASSICAL guitar than chords or those worthless TABS

  8. Tom said :


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