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How long is salad dressing good when it is opened?

I have poppy seed and ranch opened about 3-4 weeks ago. Are they still safe??? They have been in the fridge.

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4 Responses to “How long is salad dressing good when it is opened?”

  1. missopinions said :

    yeah i think it will be fine. Usually dressings last a long time because of the preservatives and high vinegar level.

  2. Paje said :

    It should be fine. You can check the date on the bottle.

  3. Chetak. said :

    They will last for months as a rule. Check for a use by date if you are concerned.

  4. cowgirl_power82 said :

    Yeah they keep forever, I’ve had some for a couple of months before. The vinageraette ones keep the best though.


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