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how long to learn guitar?

how long would it normally take to learn like a 4 minute song on the guitar?
does guitar hero help even a little bit and how long would it take to play like a Beatles song?

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2 Responses to “how long to learn guitar?”

  1. JustinSyn said:

    Well, the question’s kinda vague. If you have guitar playing skills, it shouldn’t take you very long. If you are a beginner, it should take you a very long time depending on how familiar you are with a guitar. Also, you need to determine to complexity of the song you are trying to learn. There are many different things that could affect the amount of time needed to learn a song on the guitar.

  2. darkk713 said:

    It greatly depends on the skill of the player, and the song itself.
    The song difficulty is self explanatory – the harder the song, the longer it will take to learn and master it.
    Now, take the simple yet popular song, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet.
    A complete beginner would have to learn how to hold a pick, how to hold the guitar, how to adjust his amp settings, how to play a note, how to play a chord, etc. Then Finally he would learn to play the song itself. It could take the beginner 2-3 months to finally be able to play the song decently.

    For an intermediate player who has already absorbed the basics of guitar-playing, including chords, power chords, bends, hammer-ons, etc, it would take maybe a week or two to learn and master the song.

    Somebody with a little more experience would be able to master the song in even less time. I learned both the lead guitar and vocal parts of the song in a few hours late one night, and had the song mastered by the next day. That next weekend, I played the song with my band in a small show.

    The skill and experience of the player greatly affects how quickly he/she can learn a song. An experienced player will have played many more riffs, solos, played more songs in odd time, etc.
    Therefore, when he/she learns a new song, the material may be nothing new to him/her.


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