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How much caffeine does 10mg of green tea leaf extract have?

I have the Women’s Ultra Mega Heart Vitapak from GNC and in the multivitamin it says there is 10mg of green tea leaf extract. I am curious how much caffeine this contains? Does anyone have any idea?

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One Response to “How much caffeine does 10mg of green tea leaf extract have?”

  1. nodunromin said :

    Green Tea is Caffeine Free and good for you
    Green Tea is the smoothest most relaxing tea around. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a soothing and refreshing cup of this very popular herbal Tea. Life is a journey of treasured moments, reflections and desires that are woven like a fine tapestry. Our herbal teas offer a quiet moment along the way.

    Ever since its inception , when dried leaves blew into Emperor Shen Nung’s cup in 2737 B.C., tea has been benefitting the health of people around the world. Tea remains the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water, and its antioxidant properties help to protect our bodies from free radical damage with numerous studies demonstrating its anti-cancer properties.

    This Herbal Tea which is commonly steamed, is the least processed and is arguably the most preventative in fighting cancer and heart disease. Darker teas are partially dried, crushed and fermented but all contain polyphenols which aid in the combat against cancers such as gastric, esophageal, skin and ovarian.

    This tea has been one of the most popular health drinks among Asian tea drinkers for centuries. Both Thai and Japanese scientists have discovered that this excellent herbal Green Tea can protect you from high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

    This tea also improves sight and strengthens bones. It also contains important minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin B1/B2 and Vitamin C All vital for a healthy functioning body.


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