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Which Green Tea is an alternative to a caffeine addicted guy like me?

I wanna switch from the caffeinated drinks that i’ve on a daily basis to some healthy kindda tea like Green Tea, which would be a good alternative to it, and also not give me caffeine addicted headaches…Thanks!

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7 Responses to “Which Green Tea is an alternative to a caffeine addicted guy like me?”

  1. Jannine S said :

    Regular green tea has caffeine, and lots of it. I recommend you drink decaf herbal teas like Celestial Seasonings. They are delicious and come in so many flavors. Peppermint & lemon zinger are my favorites! 😛 Some tea brands make decaf green and white teas. I suppose that would give you the health benefits of green tea without the buzz.

    You don’t need to play a guessing game because the ingredient list on the side of a box of tea tells you what kind of tea leaf, if any, is in the mix. Herbal teas don’t use real tea leaves and instead you’ll see stuff like chamomile, linden, hibiscus, orange peel, etc. These things don’t contain caffeine.

    Avoid black tea; it’s got loads of caffeine! Pretty much anything labeled “breakfast tea” is black tea, and so is Earl Grey. Trust me, I know from experience, that stuff will give you a crazy jolt. (Not that I’m complaining…) Steeping time affects caffeine content for all kinds of tea; if you leave it for 5 or more minutes, black tea can have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

    Enjoy your tea!

  2. Pisa D. Vine said :

    It has some laxative qualities so if you are
    not used to it, drink a little bit and not a lot
    until your body adjusts to it.

  3. K. Vaughn said :

    The regular green-tea drinks have enormous amounts of caffeine, so be sure to look for decaffeinated forms of green tea. Wal-Mart carries all sorts of different green teas. I have tried the kind in little packets you stick in warm water and they are pretty good (and cheap). But also checkout the aisle with the chips and pop as they have diet green tea there by the gallon or so.

  4. leticia s said :

    Are you talking brands? Cause I dont know the brands I drink I can’t read kanji. But I have found the imported, more expensive ones are more enjoyable.

    I would also try English Breakfast tea with cream/milk and sugar. It has a more similar taste to coffee (if that is what you’re drinking) and not as much caffeine

  5. Peter O said :

    i drink decaff green tea from takes some getting use to.

  6. Victoria M said :

    I recently tried Fuze’s green tea, it has a bit of honey in it, it was great.

  7. Yogesh G said :

    There are three teas that come from the same plant. Black tea has the highest amount of Caffeine, followed by green tea. The ‘White tea’ has the least amount of caffeine.
    If you want to actually get rid of caffeine, go to herbal teas like old fashioned Sassafras


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