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how to train dog not to bite during tug of war?

my puppy goes for the toy at first. then after i win the toy, she start biting my hand. how do i stop it????? btw everytime she bites my hand, i say NO and put her in the crate to sho the game is over. but i want to keep playing but each time, she bites…..

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10 Responses to “how to train dog not to bite during tug of war?”

  1. Greek God AKA Greekman said :

    Let her win the tug, simple!! When you are done playing, she will be tired and then you can put her away to rest!!

  2. K said :

    If she is really young it just takes time for them to not get themselves so excited that they forget the rules. Something that helps is when she gets your hand yelp loudly. Puppies instinctly know that yelping is a sign of pain and since she loves you and you’re her leader she will feel bad that she’s hurt you. My puppy was a very excitable dog when she was little and tug of war often led to my hand getting bit but I would yelp and stop playing everytime she did it and now that she’s 5yrs old when we play tug she actually will stop and specifically go for the part of the toy furthest from my hand. But it took lots of consistency and playing for a little bit everyday to teach her.

  3. Launi *Stand By Your Pit* said :

    Don’t use the crate for punishment.

    You teach her NOT to go for the toy until you give a command. Make her sit and stay. She needs to WORK for the privilege of playing with you.

    When you are done, teach her ‘leave it’. Takes some time. Remove the toy, tell her leave it. She goes for the toy, back up the command with another ‘leave it’. You can also use ‘drop it’.

    When she bites your hand, give a stern ‘hey’ (NO is overused). If she persists, grab the snout and hold it closed. Or the lower jaw and pull it down. Can’t bite you.

    I taught a 3 month APBT ‘no teeth on flesh’ this way. She is now over year and if she slips up, I go back to the snout/jaw correction.

    She gets it just fine.

  4. Becky said :

    Start your tug games as a reward for a desired behavior. Tell her to sit, and present the tug when she sits. Be sure to let her have the tug sometimes rather than always taking it away.
    When you do take the tug back, assign a command such as ‘out’ to it. Accompany this with ‘sit’ and if she tries to jump or bite, make the tug ‘disappear’ behind your back, reappearing and being offered to her only when she complies with your command. If necessary, keep her on a leash until she gets it. If you findit too difficult to control her, tie the leash to a fence, tree, or other object so that you can step out of her reach until she complies.
    Once she ‘gets it’ , and she will, don’t be tempted to go over and over it. Always end the session on a good note, don’t put her in the crate as punishment- this teaches nothing, only confuses the issue.
    The game ends with her ‘winning’ the tug for the correct behavior. With each session, you can ask a little more than the last, but *always* end on a good note/win.

  5. Myth Buster said :

    When she bites your hand, you need to tap her on the nose and
    look her straight in the eyes and tell her “NO”.
    You need to put your hand out without the toy and if she puts it in her mouth then do the above command. She may not be understanding what she is doing wrong if all you are doing is putting her in her crate and if the toy is in your hand at the same time she may not understand that it’s your hand and not the toy she is getting in trouble for.

  6. Kannan said :

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