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How do i use a silent dog whistle to train my dog?

my dog is a owner-trained service dog in training. and i’m invistigateing different postive and humane ways to train my sdit. we have tried clicker training. I need an easier way to get her attention when outdoors when we are going down the street with me in my power wheel chair. I’m not strong enough to work her with choke collar corrections and she pulls even against the choke collars and I don’t want to hurt her throat or neck so thought what about using a dog whistle? how do I use a dog whistle to train her? are dog whistles only used to train bird dogs to hunt? Please let me know if I can use one to help train her for obedience and to get her attention when I need to give a hand signal for a service task or can I use the whistle it’s self instead of hand signals to get her to do her service dog tasks?

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  1. the baldchemist said :

    The question is, how do you know it works?



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