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Possible to train dog to relieve on newspaper AND backyard?

I have a section in the kitchen laid out with newspaper and toilet training pad, sometimes it pees there. Other times I let it go outside (and watch at the door) and it will relieve itself on the grass.

Is it possible to train my puppy to come find somebody to open the door for it to go outside to relieve itself IF someone is home. Otherwise it will pee on the newspaper laid out for it?

Or would it just be easier to train it to relieve itself on newspapers instead?

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9 Responses to “Possible to train dog to relieve on newspaper AND backyard?”

  1. cfelonius said :

    Just train it to go outside. Yes, they will likely come find you if you are home. They don’t like to potty in their own house. I think papers just prolong the training. When he goes outside don’t just stand at the door either. When he does it right, after he is done praise him and play. He will learn quickly that going potty outside is a positive experience and that he gets to play afterwards.

  2. pyjamatop said :

    My dog comes and asks when he wants to go out.Yours will too eventually.Give extra praise when he goes outside to do it and he will catch on .They prefer to go out really anyway.

  3. bells3011 said :

    I guess anything is possible, but why would you purposely train your dog to deficate in the house?

    Train in to go outside and when no one is home, he/she should be crated anyways.

  4. mcc said :

    I have heard of several people who have trained their dog to jingle bells that they have hung on the door to go outside.

  5. Infinitely Superior said :

    NO….pups taught to be filthy indoors will never be clean.
    Too lazy to housebreak?
    Prefer to live in a reeking manure pile for the next 10-15 years? yuck,disgusting

  6. kevin k said :

    it seems like the whole newspaper thing would be confusing. when i was raising my pup, i would just take him outside every 30-45 minutes. when he would go, i would make sure to let him know he did a good job with praising/treats/petting. as they get older you can make it every 1-2 hours and so on. after a while, they will get used to letting you know that they need to go. my dog will come up to me like he wants me to pet him, and then he runs toward the door before i can get to him.

  7. catherine said :

    newspaper training is done as an early house training for young pups, if they are old enough and have vaccine shots for viruses then you can take the next level of training him to have a spot outside the house.

    try visiting for some dog training tips especially potty training. good luck

  8. me said :

    I have a puppy that im house training too. Seems like if you are not consistent with one or the other, the puppy would become confused as to what its suppose to do.I am training mine to go outside. I am very consistent and take her out every hour or after she eats, or after she wakes up. I also have a newspaper laid down.I don’t train her to go on the paper, but, when she is gonna have an accident in the house, she goes on the paper.when she goes outside, she gets lots of praise and attention. she doesn’t get in trouble for going on the paper. we just don’t acknowledge it to her. saves a mess on the carpet to clean up. she is doing very well and it starting to let us know when she wants out sometimes.I say you couldn’t train them to do both, but, you can allow it.

  9. Duh said :

    When you put down newspapers or training pads INSIDE the house you are basically “training” your dog to go poop and pee INSIDE!!
    You need to take him outside only to poop and pe.You need to get him on quality dog food that has no junk fillers like corn and wheat and he will poop less. You need to feed him only certain times and do not let food sit out all day. This way he will have better control over his urges. Get a dog training book at the library.


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