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What brand of grocery store bought green tea has the best flavor?

I bought some Kroger brand green tea bags, and no matter how I prepare it, it tastes somewhat bitter. I steep it 2 1/2 min. Does the amount of time you steep it, have any effect on it’s health benefits? To get the most health benefits, is green tea only the best or are other combinations with the green tea ok, such as pomegranate, etc? I do not shop specialty stores for tea, so any suggestions on brands one can find at the grocery that are good is appreciated.

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5 Responses to “What brand of grocery store bought green tea has the best flavor?”

  1. chirpingbirdy said :

    Go to an ethnic grocer, you’re guaranteed to find a box of 100 of high quality green tea compared to the 40 or so that you get at Kroger.

    Oh and when I mean ethnic grocer, I mean indian, chinese or middle eastern grocery. They usually have that kind of stuff.. Try a few different brands there until you find the perfect one.

    The correct way to steep green tea is not to steep it at all but to reuse the bag for two or three cups by pouring the hot water over it and letting it sit of about 2-3 seconds after its full. Green tea is best drank that way IMHO.

  2. mjones said :

    most definitely super-valu, also known as jewel-osco in the midwest, sav-a-lot on the west coast, albertsons on the east coast.

  3. Patti said :

    I saw the way green tea was prepared in Morocco. They put a spoonful of loose green tea in a pot, pour boiling water on it and let it sit for a minute or so. Then drain it off and pour more boiling water on it. I asked why they did this and they said it was to “clean” the tea. I later read that Dr. Weil recommends the same thing to remove the caffeine from the green tea. He said to let the first water steep for 45 seconds and it won’t remove the beneficial things from the tea in that amount of time. Caffeine has a bitter wang to it. This method should work with all kinds of green tea. My daughter bought hers at Dollar Tree over a decade ago, but they don’t sell the same thing now.

    I haven’t made green sun-tea yet but thinking about this afternoon. Black sun-tea is usually less bitter than regular brewed tea.

  4. Lions, Vikings, and Bears Suck said :

    my dad gets really good and authentic green tea called genmaicha off the internet, it’s great

  5. Mary Mary said :

    most definitely super-valu,


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