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i really want to give up smoking but i dunno where to begin?

im only 16 but i have been smoking since i was 11, and i go through 25-30 a day.
i did set a date to give up, i woke that morning, lit up a fag and just forgot until i looked at my calender.

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6 Responses to “i really want to give up smoking but i dunno where to begin?”

  1. C said :

    Do some more exercise, chew some gum. Try your hardest to be thankful for things you have and use them more often. Within 3 days your cravings should have decreased a little. FOCUS!!!

  2. jbnotthescotch said :

    there’s no easy way to do it
    you just have to resist the urge

  3. A786 said :

    Go to google and type: Give up smoking, you will get a list of how to stop smoking.

    Never smoke at any age, why?

    1. Its bad for your health

    2. You live less

    3. It damages your lungs

    4. It costs a lot of money

    5. Why smoke, when you can eat

  4. the_unluckiest said :

    Most people can’t quit cold turkey so they take steps. I say slowly start cutting down. If you smoke 25-30/day, then maybe you should cut down by one or two every day. Or try to limit your smoking to when you’re having coffee or having a beer (which are the two times when I really want to smoke). They also have centers/programs that help people quit smoking – these programs are generally free.

  5. Melissa said :

    To start off go to a pharmacy and get some nicotine patches. Try to smoke 20 cigarettes a day then gradually get lower and lower and lower until you quit. To quit smoking once and for all make sure your very determined. I wish you the very best.

  6. Whisper In The Dark said :

    Never buy cigarette , keep away from it everyday


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