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how can i give up smoking i really want to quit?

with al this about not smoking in public places i think now is a good time to quit but dont know how i tried before but only lasted 3 days was using patches and couldnt sleep so i gave in to temptation and lit up a fag

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6 Responses to “how can i give up smoking i really want to quit?”

  1. Mopar Muscle Gal said :

    3 days and you went back to smoking

    you arent trying hard enough

  2. mdswoosh said :

    Well, if the patch didn’t work, try going the herbal way, there’s a tea made to help you quit smoking, and if that doesn’t work, there is always hypnosis

  3. Jan N said :

    The answerers who think you are not trying hard enough are obviously not smokers. It is REALLY difficult to quit smoking. Some doctors who practice in the field of addiction think it is more difficult to quit smoking than to give up heroin. You have my sympathy and support. Two very heavy smokers in my life have successfully quit smoking with the use of a prescription drug called Zyban. It is expensive, about $280 for a three-month supply, but then smoking is very expensive as well. You will need to get a prescription from a doctor. You keep smoking for the first two weeks that you use it and then you stop. It works on the serotonin in your brain and actually permanently alters your desire to smoke. It is not 100% effective, but success is pretty high if you are very motivated to quit. I would definitely consider this. The two people I referred to – my daughter and my boyfriend – had tried EVERYTHING – the patches, hyponosis, cold-turkey, etc. Even if something worked for awhile, they would always start again, in time. Both have stopped for several years now, after using Zyban.

    I wish you success.

  4. Larry said :

    the thing is I have never smoked so im probably the best person to take advice from! 🙂
    I have learned though that people find smoking a pleasure, and while others suffer or in otherwords dont like the smell (as second hand smoke causing cancer is so far a boggus theory, disproven by a lot of scientist and massive studdies)
    and so this pleasure, to give it up is difficult, as not smoking seems like not a fun thing to do to your brain and so you start again! so to quit you need to find something to replace smoking with, so it is not about giving up something that is a pleasure, but gaining something, now that could be anything, but just when ever you feel like a cigaret, choose to do something else that you really like doing instead, could be a favourite food, or think of something fun to do, a hobby or something.

    Hope this makes sense!

    good luck anyhow!

    p.s. my friend always says, just say no! 🙂 but think he means when a ugly drunk girl comes on to him… 🙂

  5. LUCY said :

    My daughter and I joined a support group out of our Health department offices here in our town and it was a once a week meeting of all of us talking and doing a book together and many good ideals rolled around and a weekly check of each other really helped,, we each had a partner and during the week if we got weak we just called our partner and helped each other out,,, It worked great for all but one and thats pretty good odds,,, We still get a report letter from our instructor of how we are doing, that will go on for two years, its been one and a half years now,, Some people need a little more help than others, some can just stop and not have any problems,,, Try looking into it,, its worth it in the long run!!!

  6. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    Call the Quitline and join a Quit Smoking Clinic.


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