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I want to get my kids involved in cooking christmas dinner?

I want to get my 3 older kids involed in helping me in the kitchen for christmas, what are some easy and fun things i can get them to help me with? they are 11, 8 and 7.

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5 Responses to “I want to get my kids involved in cooking christmas dinner?”

  1. mamma2twins said :

    cooking the veggies, making up appetizers, setting the table, measuring ingredients, basting the turkey, at their ages they should be able to help you with everything

  2. wittyteacup says Peace!! said :

    They can make sugar cookies.

    Or how about rolls, those Pillsbury rolls that come in tubes, that you just shape and bake?

    Really, the 11 year old can help with a LOT. The 8 year old, ehh. The 7 year old should be mixing, but NOT dealing with a hot oven.

  3. Lydia said :

    Gee, I don’t know what you are serving?
    Mine helps get the cabbage ready for the holubtsi, as well as cooking the rice and onions for it (not chopping, but getting it out for me, and mixing it); helping me gather the ingredients for the pyrohy, and measuring it out, then kneading the dough – a fun part. Sometimes actually filling and pinching the pyrohy and rolling the holubtsi, but they are the boring jobs, lol!
    So, whatever you make, just choose little sections or parts they can help with. If you are making a turkey, someone can surely help mix up the dressing, and WOW what fun it would be for a kid to stuff the turkey!
    If you are roasting a whole pig, well, I suppose one of them could help put the apple in the mouth, and help out more with the side dishes.
    Lots of things, mom – just share!

  4. soulija girl said :

    that sounds great but take safety precautions like wearing oven mitts and things like that so they wont get burnt (if one does get burnt cold water and ice helps alot)

  5. josaphine_hope said :

    Have them handle desert! 🙂 There are lots of easy things they can make from cookies to no-bake cheesecake to pumpkin pie.

    My stepson is six and made a pumpkin pie almost by himself for Thanksgiving. All I had to do was measure the ingredients and put it in the oven for him – he did the rest!


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