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fender squier electric guitar kit. is it a good kit to learn guitar on?

i’m 17 and i want to learn to play punk rock and a little pop rock. is the fender squier a good guitar to start on? if not, any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “fender squier electric guitar kit. is it a good kit to learn guitar on?”

  1. Senior Limpio said :

    yes but my problem with squier is fret buzz. Mines is very bad at my 12th fret and i guess i just have to deal with it for awhile cause the guitar store is far away.

  2. Russell E said :

    the Squier kit is great for a beginner, but if you are going to play punk/grunge you’ll need a good distortion stomp box, because the Fender amps do not get very distorted. You’d be better off getting a squier guitar by itself and getting a Line 6 spider III 15 amp and it would cost about the same, and the amp kicks ass over the Fender Amp.

    (and if Senior Limpio see this, you need to raise your bridge saddles up a little bit on the tremolo bridge with a small Allen wrench, that will get rid of the buzz. Either that or you are drop tuning and you need thicker strings AND raise your bridge saddles, because drop tuning makes the strings too loose and they flop around too much.)

    One of my guitars is a Squier strat and it plays great, it just needs to be adjusted properly. that is true for any guitar.

  3. Left-T said :

    Hi Tom

    The Fender squier is a good guitar to begin with. Just because it is inexpensive doesn’t mean it is garbage. I see guitar players with a $1000 instrument that sound worse than a $300 guitar because the guitar player can’t play.

    If you buy a squier, put .009 strings on it. That will make it easier to play to begin with. Secondly, it is easier on the neck because their is less tension. Thirdly, it is good for note bending , slurs, pull-off, hammer-ons etc… for the type of music you want to play.

    Those Fender are easy to adjust and if you have issues as to fret buzzing, drop me an email. They come with an allen key so that you can set it up yourself.
    I have adjusted quite a few Fender squiers and haven’t seen any major neck problem that cannot be fixed.

  4. guitarists said :

    It is a good one. Fenders is a bit pricy but it makes learning easy.
    Just keep practicing. You will learn it easily.

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