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Is it Possible to Train Your Dog Yourself?

I Was Planning on Buying One Of Those Dog Training Books To Train My Dog. But before i Do, i Just want to Know if Its Possible To Train Your Dog if You’re Not a Professional. And i Don’t Want to Spend A lot Of Money on a Dog Trainer.

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18 Responses to “Is it Possible to Train Your Dog Yourself?”

  1. Chris said :

    Yes you can train your dog yourself.

  2. Hekate said :

    If you have the time and patience, you can. I think it’s always best when the dogs owner trains the dog because it helps to form a bond.

  3. andrea said :

    yes u sure can

  4. K Cali22 said :

    Oh, c’mon, seriously? What did people do before the profession of dog training erupted? They taught their dogs themselves! I trained my dog without a dog trainer, puppy kindergarten, or a book. I’m afraid I did watch Animal Planet’s It’s me or the Dog for a while, though.

  5. Cassie-danes mastiffs & bullies said :


    many people do it

    and please type normal

  6. Pat R said :

    Yes It’s possible to train your dog yourself. You need it take time doing it and make sure to reward the dog when he does what you want him to do. This way the dog will do it over and over for you. I;ve trained my dog to speak, sit, stay,give paw, high five and other things.

  7. sickbxy said :

    I would suggest clicker or positive only training if you are not under the guidance of a professional. There are too many details that can not come from a book if you are using a slip, prong or e-collar.

  8. Pixie said :

    Yes, you can, but the result won’t be as outstanding, due to the fact the dog doesn’t get to interact with other dogs and doesn’t interact with other people. You will have to find other dogs and other people to ensure your dog doesn’t come down with behavioural issues.

    I trainned my dog when she was 8, when i was only 12. She can sit, drop, come and stay on command. She not the greatest when it comes to play with other dogs, think it stems from a lack of socialisation as puppy.

    However I defiantly don’t recommend it, Puppy school is best for not only the socialisation factor, you learn alot more as well.

  9. Chuckles said :

    Yes, I train my dogs all by myself, and with the help of a certain prong collar. 🙂

  10. Heather said :

    yes you can… it will take patience and praise!

  11. Gabe said :

    Yes, you have to be patient and try the trick over and over. Give the dog a treat if he succeeds.

  12. _My dogs rule_ said :

    Yes you can. And Kudos to you for wanting to be a responsible dog owner and train it.

    Also there is no need to get in an expensive dog trainer. You can find a local dog obedience club that usually charges $30-50 a year to join and then $1-2 dollars per class. You can attend as often as you like. You go to the classes and leanr something for your dog and then reinforce it at home between classes. This also helps to socialise your dog with both humans and other dogs and can give you people to turn to if you have any training questions.

    Remember dogs learn best in short bursts (especially as a pup), with frequency and consistency. If you have a pup try 5minute sessions, 3 or 4 times a day.

    Most importantly have fun and make it fun for your dog and they will learn a lot quicker and they will enjoy pleasing you a lot more too.

  13. Peachy_Paige said :

    Yes it is possible. The basic commands are sit,lie down,and roll over. To teach sit you push down his/her bottom,say sit,and give a treat. And for lie down you push them down gently and give a treat. For roll over you make them lie down then push their side gently until they roll over. Then award them.

  14. htdkjb said :


  15. popsical said :

    Absolutely, and at any age too.
    I taught a 6 year old to sit and 7 year old to paw, now they do it without having to ask.

    I don’t BUY anything, but it helps to watch Cesar Milan, there are some free ebooks online you can download, really its common sense, approach it with an open mind (and a bag of treats!)

  16. Amanda G said :

    of course you can.

    best thing you can do it buy a book or look online for websites that tell you how to clicker train. buy a clicker and some treats (hot dog cut into tiny bits) and go at it! 🙂 Clicker training rocks.

  17. mcally said :

    I have 5 dogs and I have trained them all myself, I have trained every dog I’ve ever had. I also don’t use a clicker or that positive crap, I TRAIN them, I’m not a treat dispenser.

  18. so called goody goody said :

    Yes, when I looked into training my dog I found a website that has been very helpful.
    They have lots of free information. Then there are DVD’s that teach you how to train. Good Luck!
    With the help of the DVD’s I was very confident and successfull in training my dog.


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