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Is it possible to learn guitar yourself with the help of the internet?

I took 8 lessons this summer so I know some basic stuff. The lessons were getting quite pricey, so I decided to drop them. =(

I am really passionate about learning and I was wondering if anyone has any experience on learning the guitar on their own. Are there any useful websites? Is it possible to learn it on your own? Would I be gaining more from my private lessons with an actual teacher?

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6 Responses to “Is it possible to learn guitar yourself with the help of the internet?”

  1. RiderFan said:

    I learned off of vinyl and 8 tracks, so I guess the internet would help alot more. My family was poor as dirt, so it’s all I had.

  2. Cassie said:

    Very much so.
    I have a friend never took a lesson in her life looked up things on the internet, and shes amazing now. She goes to gigs and all that stuff.
    I also have friends who just kinda taught themselves, it takes a lot of time.
    You can always buy song books. They have some information in the front, Im sure you could pick up a guitar playing for dummies book at a bookstore, my mom learned some things from them.

  3. vote4metal said:

    Its quiet possible to learn guitar on your own, I haven’t had a lesson in my life, yet I am an avid guitar player. Besides the basics are sometimes the hardest parts to learn, which you have already covered.

    Hears a list of some useful site and such…
    1. Youtube, it has lots of instructional videos on how to play songs and various techniques for guitar.
    2., it is a great web site that provides links to the best quality tabs of whatever song you are looking for.
    3. GuitarPro or Tuxguitar, both are programs that you can input tabs into and hear the play back. They both include other instruments as well so you can play along with drums and such. Tuxguitar is free!
    4. Look up the user rockongoodpeople on youtube, they have tons of great instructional videos on various songs and techniques and styles.

  4. Cralls said:

    I used to be .. not against teachers.. but I didn’t want them because I wanted to learn on my own. Now that I have a teacher, I’ve learned far more far faster than when on my own. But I do understand that price is an issue and you certainly don’t NEED an instructor at all.

    There are many wonderful websites and books out there. Ask other guitarists for help. The only problem I have with the internet and books are the tabs and sheet music. While GREAT, I think there is HUUUUGE benefit to learning songs by ear. My suggestion is to listen to a simple song and figure it out note by note. It’ll be hard at first, but it’ll get easier and you’ll learn how to make the guitar produce the sounds you want as apposed to just reading off of paper to make the sounds you want.

    If you want any sources help [books, sites etc] just tell me.

    Good luck. :]

  5. Luke B said:

    You can definately learn quite a bit on your own. The key is practice, really. You learn some chords. Then you practice playing them together, smoothly. Over and over. At the same time learn a few pentatonic scales and run through them over and over, even if you aren’t sure why you are doing it.

    You gain strength and you become smooth. As a beginner, you hand should be burning when you practice. If it’s not, you aren’t pushing yourself.

    With the help of the internet, you can then learn some songs via tab and you tube. Don’t get side tracked. If you want to learn a particular strum or lesson from youtube, stick to it. I really can’t stress enough that you just need to practice becomeing smooth and learning chords.

    After another year, consider lessons again. You will be much more prepared and will get a lot more for your money. Good luck!

  6. guru said:

    Many people learn on their own and the internet certainly has many resources available to help you.

    You can go on YouTube and watch how people cover songs that you want to play. You can find tabs off Try playing along with the original song.

    Some people find that Guitar Pro helps a lot. It’s guitar software where you can play along with, it’s good because you can change the speed of the song, or even play along with the song.

    It’s fine to learn on your own as long as you know what you want to learn and you stay dedicated and practice a lot. I think you’d have more proper form and whatnot if you had a private teacher, but you can still develop on your own! Good luck


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