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Is it possible to train a dog to sit and stop when it is 4 years old?

My dog is a Miniature Pinscher. She is very wild, silly, and loves to play. However, she barks at strangers when she sees them approaching and she is constantly running around the house shedding her fur. How can you train a dog to sit and stop when the owner says to? Also, is it possible to train these orders when she is 4 because I know that you have to train these orders when the dogs are just little puppies. Much tip would be appreciated!

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19 Responses to “Is it possible to train a dog to sit and stop when it is 4 years old?”

  1. lollypop said :

    yes. i trained my chuhuha to sit and he is 7.

  2. squadchiboy said :

    yea because its older enough to understand

  3. Simmy said :

    I think it is possible but it takes lots of patients from the person teaching the dog. The dog is smarter and more stubborn then it was when it was a pup. So if your brib them it may not always work.

  4. Dark said :

    It’s possible to train ANY dog at ANY age to do anything. All it takes is patience and consistency, as well as praise for a job well done.

  5. Pike said :

    yes it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks with patience and lots of treats!

  6. DJ Kaddafi said :

    It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Hire a professional trainer and your Mini Pincher will be attacking people at your command in no time.

  7. K M said :

    You can train her still. It’ll just take time. Say the word then make her do the action related and she’ll learn.

  8. Mache said :

    I have a Shihtzu that is almost 5. I’ve been watch The Dog Whisperer and he seems sure you can teach any dog anything in the behavior field. So I copied some of the stuff he did and it worked. She will now sit and come when I call. ON THE LEASH!
    She still doesn’t listen to me off the leash. If she sees another person she will dash across the street just to be petted . Luckily we live on a dead end street..not much traffic. So I have decided not to take her outside off the leash. We’re both happy.

  9. Damaila said :

    The old saying is a myth, you CAN in fact teach an old dog new tricks, and just like with puppies it takes TIME and PATIENCE! 🙂 You might try taking her to an obedience class (Bark Busters are really good), or if you have the patience use the command and reward system, working with her personally and rewarding her when she does something right. Just don’t fall in the trap of saying “Sit…. Sit… SIT!!!” again and again until she does it, or she will think you’re supposed to say it five times before she does. Put her on a leash and say clearly and firmly “(Name), SIT!” while gently pulling back on the leash and pressing lightly on her lower back until she sits. When she does it, reward her. Do it a few times, then try to get her to do it herself. Eventually she should figure it out. If you want to try and train her yourself you could also visit the library or bookstore and get a book on dog training, there are many good ones out there.

  10. info4thought said :

    yes, you can still train your dog even at 4years old, but you need to do this when there is not alot going on around you. and you should of course have training treats and positive praise when they come close to doing what your asking, even it’s not exactly right. keep working on it and good luck!

  11. The Nanster said :

    Yes….You need to watch “The Dog Wisperer” on A&E with Ceaser Ramarer (I’m not sure about the spelling of his last name.). An excellant program. We have to remember that they are dogs and it is us humans that need to be trained.

    Take Care and Good Luck.

  12. jc20155 said :

    No, it’s impossible to train any dog at any age. They’re their own man.

  13. badgirl41 said :

    Consistency and positive reinforcement are the key to training a pet of any age.older pets may be easier to train than puppies and kittens because they have a longer attention span.Food treats and positive reinforcement will help your pet learn basic commands such as “sit,” “stay” and “come.” Plan your commands ahead of time and make sure that everyone in your household uses the same commands so your pet doesn’t get confused. Say the command once and then physically put your pet in the position you want him in if he doesn’t obey.
    The key to any training regimen is consistent, positive reinforcement of the desired behavior rather than punishment. Never physically punish a pet; this may lead to biting out of fear, or other aggressive behavior. Instead, use praise and attention as a reward when the desired behavior is exhibited and ignore inappropriate behavior.

    To get the dog to be quiet, keep telling it one simple word, and that is quiet. Put your hand over its mouth and repeat the word over many times. The dog will soon learn it is not to do that.

  14. sweetgirl said :

    You can but it will be a little hard becouse it is wild ,you can use a
    treat or humon food

  15. liquidchrystal111 said :

    The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan has books and DVD’s out you can buy them or you can go to your public library to get them. If your public library doesn’t have the books ask them to get you any one of his books inter-library loan. This is generally a free service.
    I have seen his show on TV and it’s great!
    Here is the National Geographic page which is pretty cool.
    there are a couple video clips on the site too.
    Enjoy and good luck!

  16. jmhwolf2 said :

    Yes, it is possible. You have to be consistant though and really stick with it every time.

  17. nicoledioquino828 said :


  18. X P said :

    Yes you can…..

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