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what to get a girl who likes cooking and art for christmas?

i have no clue what to get my girlfriend

what are u getting ur girlfriend? give me some ideas

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7 Responses to “what to get a girl who likes cooking and art for christmas?”

  1. allynn1085 said :

    you could build her your own little gingerbread house, now don’t freak out if you’re not really a good cook or builder, Im sure she would love it if it came from your heart. You could also bake one with her, you know you guys could spend time together and have fun.

  2. B B said :

    a cook book? Maybe if she likes baking then you get her a cook book all about desserts. You get her her her own measuring cups and bowls and spoons for cooking. How about an apron? And you could get her name embroidered on it? Or maybe art supplies or a pad of paper to draw/paint on. You could frame some of her art if she draws/paints. you could draw her a picture. If all else fails maybe a gift card to the movies, restaurant, cd/dvd place, iTunes. Or just buy her a new sweater, write her a nice card and bring her some flowers and maybe an inexpensive bracelet or necklace.

  3. kal_10124 said :

    i don’t know where you live but maybe you can look into some basic cooking classes at a local college or maybe go to a museum or buy her a coffee table book of famous art work

    i have a great art history text book from college if you want to buy it…lol

  4. KITI K said :

    how about a small desk top easel

    that way she can use it for painting or holding recipe books as she cooks

    Just an idea have a great Christmas together

  5. Casper H said :

    A more creative way is to actually experience the cooking/art..
    Take your girlfriend somewhere and cook for yourselves, or maybe make some kind of collaborative piece of artwork!
    I’m sure you both will have great fun!
    PS: Happy Christmas to you two~

  6. Santa Claus(e)-The pianist. said :
  7. mmett79 said :

    I gave my girlfriend a purse. I got the idea from but if you don’t want to do that, theres lots more ideas there too.


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