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Tea Drinkers: Is it normal to see a white foam when brewing loose-leaf green tea?

I had received some loose-leaf green tea from a friend who recently visited China and was wondering if it is normal to see white foam on top of my brewed tea.

Could there be pesticide residues on my tea? I try to drink organic tea as much as possible, but don’t want to throw away the tea which was a gift.

All honest answers appreciated. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Tea Drinkers: Is it normal to see a white foam when brewing loose-leaf green tea?”

  1. kclark747 said :

    You shouldn’t see foam like dishwashing suds on loose leaf teas.
    You will probably see some bubbles where the teas is floating at the top as the leaves will trap air there. Also pouring tea from a high distance over the glass will increase the foam. In some areas like Morocco they want the tea foamy so they pour from very high.

  2. epic_laydown said :

    i have brewed all kinds of tea from an herbal shop where I live and have experienced little bubbles on the edges of the brewing “mug” where it’s brewed. I use the ingenuiTea pictured here.

    I have brewed green tea, oolong, and some white tea from this herbal shop. All tasted wonderful, but do remember some bubbles occasionally. but not sure which specific ones. I personally wouldn’t be concerned. Of course I’d have to taste it and smell it to make sure.

    if you’re concerned, I would just give the tea away to someone. But I think you’ll be fine.

    oh, I forgot. one thing you could do is drink the 3rd steeping of green tea rather than the first. The first usually contains most of the caffeine and *might get rid of some pesticides. The 2nd is just for insurance.

    The 3rd one they say usually tastes just as good as the first. Oh and congrats on the TC on vegetarian and vegan category.


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