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The Bible has all the answers, but does it have any good fried chicken recipes?

also, where do atheists get their fried chicken recipes?

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16 Responses to “The Bible has all the answers, but does it have any good fried chicken recipes?”

  1. Kristevonne SFECU (Evangelical) said :

    Lol That’s cute.

    A Christian.

  2. Neil on wheels said :

    the Bible is not a cook book

  3. irkd said :

    The Bible ONLY allows for the preparation of the Holy Tuna Casserole.

  4. Denver Noe said :


  5. Bozo Lives! said :

    Bozo has been trying to get the Virgin Mary’s meatloaf recipe for some time now.

  6. ghost said :

    They ate fish and drank red wine.

  7. Paladin said :

    Despite the fact that my more zealous Christian neighbors insist that the Bible has all the answers, I have yet to find the chapter and verse that tells me how to repair my toilet.

    Medical science tells me that fried foods are unhealthy, so I prefer baked chicken.

  8. metroactus said :

    no of course not. but my sister has one that ll make you wanna slap your mamma AND your grandmamma!

  9. Mika M said :

    lol idk a recipe book…athiest sucks…..i opolgize to any athiest..|
    I lol’d at ur pic

  10. Black Whiteツ said :

    Why are you wasting points?

  11. Jesus Got a Haircut said :

    I stole the Baptists recipes for fried chicken

  12. OneLastRevolutionary said :

    One wonders if chicken existed in the Bible.

    But if there were they would probably recommend Moses’ Sanai Broasted Chicken. (with Manna)

  13. JaY_R said :

    oh did u check chapter 66 verse 6 im sure it was there
    i made them they were sacralicious
    “Thall shall have Good Fried Chicken Wings”

  14. drewdun said :

    You can use the recipe for the multiplication of the loaves and fish. Just substitute the fried chicken for the fish. Of course, that recipe feeds 5,000, not counting women and children. Oh, and the Chef has to be Jesus. You just sit down on the grass and relax.

  15. Roske said :

    your cool

  16. June smiles said :

    No, but I do, I also can tell you haw to roast a stuffed turkey to cry for!


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