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What age to take a puppy/dog for obedience training?

I have a Great Dane puppy. Of course I want the best training possible for her. Especially since she will become a huge size. The local Petsmart has a great reputable program and I was wondering at what age I should begin this?

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10 Responses to “What age to take a puppy/dog for obedience training?”

  1. Cav lover said :

    As soon as your dog is vaccinated. The early, the better!
    Good luck 🙂

  2. walking lady RIP Tom said :

    Puppy kindergarten classes are now taking puppies after they’ve had their 2nd shots. Puppies at this age learn very quickly and this is the vital age where they need socializing.

    I’ve taken my older Belgian at 3 months and my current Belgian shepherd puppy who’s now 3 months just started classes. (Not Petsmart classes!)

  3. Naysaツ said :

    around 12weeks, all shots should have been given by then and its safe for pup to venture out in the world

  4. Jennifer said :

    you should take her when she turns 2 maybe cause shes young then and u should take her when shes a baby.

  5. Kahlani said :

    around 2 or 3 weeks the sooner the better

  6. C. Jean - Muttlvr said :

    The puppy training at Petsmart accepts dogs as young as 10 weeks. Mine was 12 when he started; is now 4 months and almost a graduate :). There is a dane in our class who has the most wonderful temperament. Good luck!

  7. Sunshine said :

    I was advised by my vet and also by a well respected dog trainer that I could sign my lab up at 6 months. It is possible that he could have went even younger, but he just happened to already be 6 months old before I inquired about it. Good luck with your “Gentle Giant.”

  8. M.E. said :

    im pretty sure there isnt really an age for the classes….
    but most of the dogs are young because its always easier to teach puppies

  9. Sheri said :

    I recommend about 4 months – anything before that they just don’t retain very well. Remember with training, you have to take what you learn at the program and be very consistent at home with it everyday to get a well trained dog. Best of Luck.

  10. jaberwocky said :

    please don’t use pets mart find a real obedience club close by puppy classes usually are between 8 weeks and 12 weeks the club i went to had puppy class before other dogs came in they knew the pups weren’t fully protected . at 6 months you can start beginners class the classes are usually1 hour and are 1 time per week for 8 to 10 weeks


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