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Where is the best place to get a dog trained/obedience classes?

I have a 1 year old puppy and she needs training and/or obedience classes or else I have to get rid of her. She chews on our outdoor furniture. She sometimes gets a temper like a pit bull and goes crazy.
I have no idea where to take her or what kind of classes she needs.

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3 Responses to “Where is the best place to get a dog trained/obedience classes?”

  1. Lena said :

    Alpha K-9

  2. Keleah S said :

    Try petsmart, look int he paper for local puppy obedience classes. Or check out this site:

    I used it to help train my 3 dogs-GSD, Lab and Saint Bernard and it really helped.

  3. Divapom said :

    Call your local animal control office to see if they have any recommendations. Check your city parks & rec department. many times they have reasonable obedience classes. If you happen to see someone with a particularly well behaved dog, ask them who they train with. Go to an obedience trial. ask the competitors. Many of the competitors work with trainers who also train for everyday people. Find someone with years experience. I don’t recomend those trainers who have on line certifications as dog trainers.

    Go watch a class or two to see how the trainer trains. Does he/she use methods you are comfortable with. How do the dogs respond to him/her. How quickly does he/she take charge and resolve a problem dog. The best classes are those that teach you to train your own dog. Personally, I care more for how the trainer interacts with the dogs than how well he/she interacts with the people. Some of the best dog trainers that I have learned the most from, had great dog skills, but sometimes a bit shy on their people skills. The good ones tend to say it like it is and not sugar coat.

    Also, some really good trainers don’t advertise. They go by word of mouth. Also, some really good trainers are not always the most expensive. I really have no use for petsmart trainers.


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