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Is it better to take obedience classes with your dog or send them off to be trained?

My husband and I recently adopted a rescued spayed female 2 year old rescued great dane. We are wanting to do some training the closest obedience classes is 60 miles away at petsmart. There is also a trainer that takes them for 2 weeks and uses the dog whisper methods then works with you when you pick the dog up about the same distance away. I am just wanted to know which method works better and the pros and cons of both. Thanks

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10 Responses to “Is it better to take obedience classes with your dog or send them off to be trained?”

  1. Aaron E said :

    taking it with the dog it allows you to understand better what they are actually doing to the dog. which helps you no what to do and also the dog will be accustomed to it obeying you

  2. German Shepherd said :

    in my opinion classes are better because the owner also needs trained and this is what classes offer you it also develops a bond with the owner and the dog working as a team to achieve better things so i recommend that you go for the classes rather than sending him away because then when you get him back he will be trained but you will not know how to keep this level of trainng up as you have not been traini=ed yourself. Hope this information helps.

  3. Tara said :

    The plus side of doing the training it you learn yourself and make a better bond.

  4. babygirl said :

    go to pet smart !! the classes would probably cost you less.and you can interact with your dogs training.i took my dog ,to a kennel for obedience classes.find out if there is a kennel nearby,that provides these classes.maybe you can take your pooch to was a lot of fun to see my dog, interact with other dogs and people,at the kennel.

  5. sophylakes said :

    by far better for you to learn to train your dog… two weeks with a stranger will get you nothing… training is always on going and YOU need to learn how to do it…..

  6. dogs rule said :

    You need to take the dog yourself, by learning and using the commands yourself you will become a better dog owner.
    besides positive reinforcement obedience classes are fun. You get to be with other new dog owners and watch your dog learn new things.

  7. zacluver-4-eva said :

    you should go to obedience classes with your dog to create a stronger bond with him/her.They will learn respect towards you and will always be by your side.

    Good luck with obedience classes!!!!!!!!

  8. katslookup < St. Lady Wanna B said :

    Before you spend the money at Petsmart, (their trainers aren’t the best anyway) I would check with your local vet, humane society, or police department. They may know of one that is local for you. I know where I live that one of the officers that train the police dogs, also will do private lessons. His rates are a little higher than Petsmart, but his qualifications are much higher.

  9. Tara said :

    Take the class with your dog.
    See if there is a closer class nearby, or maybe a trainer that can come to you.
    With the classes, they usually last about six weeks. You get to interact with other dogs in the class, and the trainer can help you with specific problems you are having. Also being the person doing the training to your dog will make her respect you as the leader.
    Sending a dog away may or may not work. She may obey him, but when you get her back, she may not obey you because you weren’t teaching her.
    Dogs don’t generalize well, and two weeks is pretty short. She may get used to obedience at the trainer’s and then ‘forget’ it all when she goes home and you will have to train her again yourself.

  10. Renan said :

    Lovely! Vorsteh (or Lovely! Vorsteh (or german sharthoired pointer?) isn’t really the easiest one, either. It’s great to see one that obedient but so happy aswell. I’m sure you no where I’m heading ;-P.

  11. Ayamae said :

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