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What are some good healthy recipes before and during pregnancy?

I am usually on the go and sometimes am fighting to eat well, especially since we will be trying for a baby in january. What are some healthy recipes that you know of that I can use before and during pregnancy? Are there any foods out there that are especially good for conception? thanks!

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2 Responses to “What are some good healthy recipes before and during pregnancy?”

  1. MoonPie said :

    If you are pregnant then you have to remember that you’re eating for two now. Eat healthy foods like fruit, vegetables, and drink plenty of milk. You can eat sweet and junk foods too, just don’t eat these all the time! Other yummy healthy things you could try are : yougurt, nuts, orange juice, whole grain items and if you want to know more you should ask a doctor or go to a pregnancy planning/crisis center.

  2. Coke Zero Queen said :

    Eat lots of veggies, it helps cut down on the hunger. And eat fruit because it will fulfill your sugar cravings. I like carrots and peanut butter. It’s pretty healthy too.


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