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How do you train a dog to sit at the door when it has to potty?

How do you train a dog to sit at the door or bark when it has to potty?

My mom’s dog will nudge you, then if you don’t get up right away, she’ll potty in the floor.

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4 Responses to “How do you train a dog to sit at the door when it has to potty?”

  1. Marlin said :

    House train the dog. Before letting it go outside to use the bathroom make it sit b4 you open the door. Do this every time and he will pick up that if he sits at the door he can go out to pee.

  2. Megz said :

    Try my dad’s website – it has absolutely EVERYTHING to know about dogs on it.
    Hope it helps

  3. iR0T said :

    Put bells on the door and ring them when you let her out. She’ll soon ring them on her own.

  4. John said :

    Hey! Hope your doing ok

    In response to your question, the way I have trained my dogs over the years is by teaching them through their mistakes. The younger the age that you can do this, the better and the easier it will be.

    Whenever a dog goes to the bathroom inside the house, you have to IMMEDIATELY grap the dog, stick their nose right next to their potty so that they can smell it, and hit the dog on the nose while saying “NO” or “BAD DOG”. Then you take the dog over to the door and hold it by the door. While your over at the door, you pet the dog and love on it. This teaches the dog (very quickly) that going to the bathroom in the house is bad and that when it needs to go potty that going over to the door is good (the dog learns this by you loving on it over by the door). Within no time, the dog will be going over to the door when it has to potty and this will be your signal to take it out.

    Hope this helps


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