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Can an 11 year old easily learn to play guitar using just the Essential Elements for guitar book?

Explain what you think. This will be used as a self teaching thing. Do you think it is somewhat easily possible? give reviews on the book please! I’m asking for my cousin because she can’t have an account! Thank you so much in advance!
Does anyone recommend a different book for her?
Money is tight I don’ think real lessons are a option.. 🙁

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3 Responses to “Can an 11 year old easily learn to play guitar using just the Essential Elements for guitar book?”

  1. livingthelegacy said:

    I used an Essential Elements book to learn the saxophone and the violin.

    I’m sure it would be a good choice to learn the basics.

    Once you learn the basic notes and basic techniques from the book and you enjoy playing the guitar and want to get better, i would recommend taking lessons.

    But teach yourself from the book first

  2. xkelseyXmusiclvrx said:

    I don’t see why not; I actually wasn’t aware they had Essential Elements books for guitar. lol Well I guess thats a bit ignorant of me, but anyway, I started learning to play the trumpet in those books in beginner band at school in sixth grade, and I like them. I’d go check out your local music store, they would have awesome beginner books for guitar. I have some pretty great ones. I taught myself basically how to play guitar with books and it was great for me.

  3. christeran01 said:

    yeah you can learn, you dont need a book.. just look for a favorite song on and learn the chords..
    once you have learned the chords of the song, sing along.. learn the chords is the basics, then if you want to play lead then i will recomend fretboard logic..
    good luck


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