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What’s the fastest way to learn guitar?

Acoustic box guitar playing.

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5 Responses to “What’s the fastest way to learn guitar?”

  1. yahwhoon said:

    start early, and practise everyday for at least 4 hours a day.

  2. J. L. said:

    I play a bass guitar, and the best way to go is to get a guitar, pick it up, and start playing. Self teaching teaching videos and chord books help. But it’s best to get involved, play with other musicians, play in a church band, try to play the music that you like. There’s no real ‘be-a-pro-fast’ program for anything. Just pick it up and do it.

  3. moviegirl said:

    Take lessons from a competent teacher and then set aside time every day for practice.

  4. Razor said:

    You cant earn guitar fast. I play bas hehehe, my bro play drums, friend plays guitar and we got singer. We are 13 years old hehhe

  5. Oli said:

    I agree with previous comments. To me the most important is to participate – play music with others as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to always play with people who play better than you, as long as the gap is not too big and they don’t reject you!

    Naturally, practice is essential and should be every day. some people say that it takes about 1000 hours to be proficient on an instrument. If you set aside 1 hour a day for practice, that’s less than 3 years… 3 hours a day and you’re there within a year (not that you should stop when you’re there, of course!

    There are courses available online to improve your practice, of course. (I have some on my site.)


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