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My and my grandma are cooking Christmas eve dinner for a family of 6-9, what are could cook?

I don’t want anything crazy, just traditional food. What could my grandma and I cook?

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9 Responses to “My and my grandma are cooking Christmas eve dinner for a family of 6-9, what are could cook?”

  1. Samantha <3 said :

    My christmas dinners often have some of the same foods as thanksgiving; turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Fresh vegetables are good, too, and sometimes i even have some pork chops. Decorative cookies are also good for dessert 🙂

  2. libbyami said :

    Traditional would depend on where you’re from, edit and let us know

  3. Joyce B said :

    This is just one place to look. You should also ask your grandma and think about what your family likes. Good luck and try to make as much ahead as possible.

  4. tpearson02 said :

    It really depend on your family origins many family’s have different traditions. I know that when we spend Christmas eve with my wife’s side of the family we usually have Italian food. Lasagna, Sicilian chicken, mashed potatoes, Caesar salad, Eggplant Parmesan, finishing off with a typical apple/ cherry pie. I personally like to keep it real simple with some :


    Stuffed mushrooms
    Spinach Dip
    Crab/Shrimp dip
    Salami / Olive / Cheese / Etc. and crackers
    Cream Cheese and Salsa ( really easy dip Block of cream cheese and your favorite salsa poured over top. Or you can mix them together for a more concise mixture.)

    Some of these would be a great start


    Steak ( New York Strip or your favorite cut of meat)
    Fried or Baked Chicken wings
    Mashed Potatoes
    White Rice
    Fried Asparagus
    Fried Green Beans


    Apple Pie
    Cherry Pie
    Ice Cream

    These are just some ideas really i suggest just making it really simple with food that you love. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed if you don’t make some special 3 hour dish. Sometimes some nice Angus steak burgers, Hot links and hot dogs is the best option.

    Any or all of these can be good to start off with.

  5. Joanne A. W said :

    What a wonderful idea. You will always look back on this holiday.

    Go to this great website and look at the category on the left hand side of the screen for lots and lots of good ideas.

    Scroll to the bottom of the screen for meat ideas.
    Here are some suggestions:

    Cornish hens (one per person).

    Pick up pre-roasted chickens at the deli at our grocery store.

    Pick up pre-smoked cooked chickens/turkey/ham, follow instructions for heating.

    Baked ham.

    Standing rib roast.

    Roast beef.

    Baby back ribs.

    Spaghetti with warm garlic bread.

  6. Sew What? said :

    We used to have lasagna every Christmas Eve. I’d serve it with a green salad and garlic toast. Then, I’d put out a holiday tray with our family’s favorite cookies and serve some sherbet with it. But, I haven’t seen sherbet in the stores in winter in I can’t remember when. There would be coffee for the grown-ups and cocoa for the boys.

    Lasagna is great because you can assemble it a day ahead and refrigerate it. Bake it about 1 1/2 hours before your guests arrive. You can also have the garlic toast ready for the oven and put it in when they walk in the door.

    We’ve also done a large sandwich buffet with three kinds of rolls, cold cuts and cheese, shredded beef barbecue, potato salad, cole slaw, and chips. Of course there’s the mayo, mustard, tomato, lettuce, tomato slices, pickles etc for the sandwiches. And the cookie tray.

  7. Jenna said :

    Turkey with stuffing
    Green beans
    Another vegetable if you want, like squash or carrots

    Sweet potatoes
    Green beans
    Some kind of salad or another vegetable

    These are the types of things we eat. I can’t stand green bean casserole, but if you like it, it’s pretty traditional. A fruit salad would be good with either dinner. You could make some appetizers like deviled eggs or stuffed celery. I never would think of cooking lasagne, but that would be easy to do if you want to try something non-traditional.

  8. ♥Snow♥ said :

    A turkey is good as it is traditional. I would also go for stuffing and mashed potatoes. You would also need gravy if you are making mashed potatoes. Something that you wouldn’t see often is lasagna. It may not be traditional but it is very tasty. I would also make a salad. To top it off, for dessert, you should have gingerbread man cookies.

    I hope that your Christmas Eve dinner is delicious!

  9. Jessica said :

    My family always does a bunch of appetizers for Christmas eve dinner. We do the turkey and mashed potatoes the following night. We like pigs in a blanket, spinach and artichoke dip with crackers, a fruit platter with yogurt dip, sausage/cheese balls, decorated Christmas cookies, and maybe a veggie platter too. We set everything up on the kitchen table, load up our plates, and sit in the living room while listening to Christmas music and watching the Christmas lights on the tree. It is a tradition that we started about 5 years ago and we love it!


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