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what knid of green tea do you recommend?

i just started drinking green tea and i love it.. i went to go buy some but noticed there were so many different types. Does anyone know a great brand/healthy for you/tastes good?
what kind of green tea do you drink?

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12 Responses to “what knid of green tea do you recommend?”

  1. Kinny said :

    Green tea is delicious. You have to try all the kinds one at a time to decide which you like the best. Also, try black tea. It is wonderful.

  2. Old Nag 50 said :

    My husband really likes
    Celestial Seasonings
    Honey Lemon Ginseng

  3. Karli said :

    lipton diet green tea with citrus

  4. rebecka d said :

    i drink a green tea from SVELTA- the minceur. it’s frensh.
    It has a litle peppermint oil in it- and it’s supposed to be good for your skin =)

  5. Doodle said :

    All brands are good, and they pretty much taste the same, I use Tetley brand though. Have you ever tried white tea, it is excellent, you should try it.

  6. Genius Cook said :

    Gun powder

  7. Rachael F said :

    lipton green tea with citrus yummy!

  8. snapesvow said :

    My favorites are gemaicha – which is a Japanese green tea with bits of toasted rice added in, and Matcha – which is a fine powder. You’ll need to have a whisk to stir it so you don’t end up with clumps. The upside is no waiting for it to steep. It has that healthy, earthy flavor which is so relaxing after a busy day.

  9. mzxaznangel said :

    do you know that green tea isnt probably green tea, its not even healthy… maybe try gunpowder

  10. epic_laydown said :

    When I started drinking tea, I tried all different kinds. My personal favorites are any of the Celestial Seasonings green tea but I especially like blueberry breeze. One of my new personal favorites is Sencha green tea which is a Japanese green tea. I’ve only found it as my local grocers name brand.

    As for health aspects, they are all generally healthy for you. One brand of green tea is not healthier than the next. The only reason I would see it not be healthy is if it was expired. Just check the expiration date and you should be fine.

    I recommend you try a few different kinds, or better yet, find a friend or relative that might be willing to give you some samples, and ask them how to properly brew it. Usually, 2 minutes in hot water (not boiling) is sufficient to brew it. Try it straight up (nothing added), or a bit of sweetener, or some cream, or some milk (whatever you want – the skies the limit).

    good luck.

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